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Top 10 Most dangerous predatory fish in the world

Published on 11 Dec 2019 / In Pets & Animals

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10. Stone fish
At the slightest hint of a threat, she immediately raises prickly thorns on the dorsal fin. These needles are so sharp and strong that even shoes can not protect them. Most often, unexpected human encounters with this fish end up lethal. The poison of fish-stone is tetrodotoxin. This is the most dangerous among all known toxins, which are endowed with inhabitants of the sea depths.

9. Tiger fish Goliath
A real monster, which reaches a length of up to two meters, and weighs up to 50 kg! It is found in Central Africa, in particular in the Congo River! The tiger fish have 32 teeth, sharpened like a razor, they grab hold of the victim and do not even chew it. In times of wild hunger attacks, the tiger fish is capable of attacking humans, and sometimes does not disdain crocodiles.

8. Surgeonfish
Fans under water swimming should keep away from these beautiful fish at a distance. In their tails, a kind of spring knife or scalpel is hidden. They do not hesitate to use it for those who invade their territory. A person who foolishly decides to touch such a fish, or swim in their coral reef area, risks injuring a tail knife, which in turn can lead to cuts, arteries, and even amputation of the limb.

7. Electric eel
This predator is found in the Amazon River. He defends himself and hunts, releasing an electric shock, which is enough to stun a horse. 600 volts released by eels, are capable of killing a person in place. A smaller discharge can still deprive the victim of consciousness, from which it can drown.

6. Catfish Bagarius, or Goonch (Goonch Fish)
It is found in the Kali River, which flows between India and Nepal. The river was notorious for mysterious disappearances of people. The reason was Som Gunch, it is almost 140 kg representative of the detachment of Somewhat, who is accustomed to the taste of human flesh. Prehistoric predator grabs its victims, and drags to the bottom along the way drowning them before absorption.

5. Sea snake
It is much more dangerous than ordinary snakes, because its poison is 10 times stronger.

4. moray fish
The bite of a moray eel is very painful, besides this, the fish clings tightly to one or another part of the body, and to unhook it is extremely problematic. The consequences of a bite are very unpleasant, since the moraine mucus contains substances toxic to humans. That is why the wound heals very long, and causes constant discomfort. There are even known cases when the moray bite caused a fatal outcome.

3. Giant freshwater Stingray
This poisonous monster lurks in the waters of southeast Asia. This is a very large fish that reaches a length of 5 meters, and can weigh up to 900 kg! The sting is very poisonous, so that the wound obtained from such an injection can not heal for several months! This can lead not only to the loss of limbs, but to death!

2. Piranhas
Piranhas are monsters from scary movies, bloodthirsty inhabitants of the Amazon and other rivers in South America. There is a known case when a flock gnawed a pig into the water to the bone, and that often fishermen become their victims. But the aggressive piranhas become only at the time when the reservoirs dry up, and hungry piranhas have to eat everything that gets caught.

1. White Shark
Once it was possible to fix a white shark, the length of which was 11 meters, and according to scientists this is not the limit. This species of sharks is most dangerous for humans. They very often attack people, and even boats. Only in recent years, more than a hundred such attacks have been officially recorded.

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