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Pokémon Black and White 41 - Reunion Battles in Nimbasa! - 720p

KIDs First
Published on 20 Dec 2017 / In Film & Animation

I'll upload the next episode once the heat on this one cools down.
Having arrived in Nimbasa City, Ash is excited to have his Gym battle. However, his excitement quickly fades when he finds out that he is actually in Nimbasa Town. He decides to enter the battle tournaments held in Nimbasa Town. Shortly after, Bianca comes charging, crashes into Ash, and once again, throws him in water. Luke begins filming the tournament while Bianca disrupts him in the process. As Ash decides what Pokémon to use, Burgundy shows up as well as Stephan and Georgia. Later on Trip makes his appearance. Tension immediately fills the air between the rivals.

Further info;

It's just the normal episode, no wacky crazy fun times today. I'll be uploading all four episodes of the Battle Tournament and if people like it I could upload more.

The file was an .mkv so this is mainly a test to see if .mkv files hold up well on YouTube these days.

I have all of season fifteen in 720p .mkv and I wanted to convert them to a more YouTube-friendly format like .mp4 for uploading. But everytime I converted the videos they got this strange tearing artifact every now-and-then during the video. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, but I like things to be perfect. So I decided to just bite the bullet and upload them in an unsupported format.

I figured it *should* work since it had correct codecs for audio & video, it's just the mkv container.

Copyright? I figured I could use the same trick I use to get my other Pokémon videos back up when they get taken down. So I'll do my best to battle the Shopro beast. Fingers crossed!

Update: Well it looks and sounds fine to me.


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