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MONSTER BUG WARS | Coup De Grace Collection #4

Published on 29 Dec 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Enjoy this brutal assortment of Season 2 killshots featuring the fiercest arthropods in the game.
1. Black-tailed scorpion (baby) vs. Pirate spider
2. Lichen bark mantis vs. Rock spider
3. Bug-eyed katydid vs. Candy-cane katydid
4. Rufus comb-footed spider vs. Spitting spider
5. Tiger assassin bug vs. Silverback cross spider
6. Speckled house spider vs. Leafcutter ant
7. Tiger jumping spider vs. Yellow jumping spider
8. Geophilid centipede vs. Costa Rican cellar spider
9. Orange-mouthed tarantula vs. Red Mouth Conehead katydid
10. Dinosaur ant vs. Trap-jaw ant
11. Leaf-tailed mantis vs. Sunburst raspy cricket
12. Spiny orb-weaver vs. Crab spider
13. Water bug vs. Mudeye
14. Domino beetle vs. Crimson-legged assassin bug
15. Mangrove tree crab vs. Leopard spider

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