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MONSTER BUG WARS | Coup De Grace Collection #3

Published on 29 Dec 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Enjoy this brutal assortment of Season 2 killshots featuring the fiercest arthropods in the game.
1. Jungle tiger beetle vs. Moss mantis
2. Horned katydid vs. Owl butterfly (caterpillar)
3. Ogre-faced spider vs. Army ant (Soldier)
4. Red-thighed wandering spider vs. Black-tailed Scorpion
5. Longicorn beetle vs. Flame bellied orb-weaver
6. Hooded mantis vs. Brazilian wandering spider
7. Rainforest land crab vs. Army ant
8. Harvestman vs. Velvetworm
9. Black jungle stalker vs. Black faced katydid
10. Amblypygid vs. Red forest scorpion
11. Giant cockroach vs. Mexican red-rump tarantula
12. Stripe-tailed centipede vs. Vinegaroon
13. Banana spider vs. Orange horned katydid
14. Golden carpenter ant vs. Flag-tailed assassin bug
15. Slender necked mantis vs. Bronzed huntsman spider

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