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MONSTER BUG WARS | Coup De Grace Collection #2

Published on 29 Dec 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Enjoy this deadly compilation of Season 1 killshots featuring the fiercest arthropods in the game.
1. Lichen huntsman spider vs. Grey tree runner mantis
2. Tent spider vs. Destructive katydid
3. Rhinoceros beetle vs. Meat ant
4. Green jumping spider vs. Long-jawed jumping spider
5. Giant banded huntsman spider vs. Jungle huntsman spider
6. Green ant vs. Paper wasp
7. Portia spider vs. Long-jawed orb weaver
8. Balloon-winged katydid vs. Tree centipede
9. Badge huntsman spider vs. Spider hunting scorpion
10. Tiger leech vs. Freshwater crab
11. Jumping jack ant vs. Green-bellied huntsman spider
12. Green praying mantis vs. Predatory katydid
13. Spiny tree cricket vs. Golden orb-weaver
14. Desert centipede vs. Desert scorpion
15. Bee assassin vs. Earwig

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