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MONSTER BUG WARS | Coup De Grace Collection #1

Published on 29 Dec 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Enjoy this deadly compilation of Season 1 killshots featuring the fiercest arthropods in the game.
1. Giant rainforest mantis vs. Spiny leaf insect
2. Bull ant vs. Redback spider
3. Water spider vs. Water strider
4. White-tailed spider vs. Black house spider
5. Sydney funnel-web spider vs. Garden wolf spider
6. Tree scorpion vs. Green ant
7. Cellar spider vs. White-tailed spider
8. Trap-jaw ant vs. Antlion
9. Brown house spider vs. Redback spider
10. Desert centipede vs. Desert trapdoor spider
11. Ogre-faced spider vs. Assassin bug
12. Bulldog raspy cricket vs. Whistling tarantula
13. House centipede vs. Swift tree mantis
14. Marbled scorpion vs. Trap-jaw ant
15. Metallic green jumping spider vs. Spitting spider

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